Sunday, April 17, 2011


I purchased grade crossing signals and circuit board from Custom Signals at the York meet. Installation requires use of insulated tracks on the blocks you are trying to protect. I needed to cut the outside rail about an engine length from the actual crossing on each side of the road to be protected. Then needed to go back a distance on either side and cut again to make a "north" and "south" approach that triggers the signals. Transformer ground cannot be attached to the outside rail to be insulated at any point. This proved to be a challenge since my one approach was on a switch. Let's just say I learned a bit about switch design and wiring in this challenging puzzle but I believe its working correctly for both tracks now. I powered the circuit board from my converted PC power supply and tied the DC ground to track ground. I included a few night shots, some of which contain the signals in the foreground.

I also picked up some Z-Stuff track signals for the heck of it. The are wired together on my outside loop.