Sunday, September 2, 2012

Extending the Road Out of Town

The road in town came to an end at the tracks in front of the left-most store. I have now extended the road out of town over 3 tracks to the edge of the layout.

The yard maintenance area was now inaccessible to vehicular traffic, so I created access ramps to allow entry from the main road to the maintenance areas and yard tower.

I used Woodland Scenics Foam Putty to fill the road edges and used a burnt umber brown–colored wash or stain on the edges.  This stain was fixed with scenic cement and sprinkled with dirt, turf, and weeds while wet.

Grade crossings were made with 3/16” Foam Core board cut with ample room for wheel flanges on curves, hot glued in place, and painted.

Now layout of the roadways in and out of town make logical sense.
More info on how I build my roads is found in this blog post.